a man who is sleeping with a ton of women... like sam...
sam is a man-whore...
by brandonborgens December 21, 2007
see Anthony M.
Anthony is the best man whore ive ever been with.
by INFsTaR 06 July 12, 2003
Any man who has sex with a woman/man/animal for money or food/drink in extreme cases.
Its better to be a man-whore than a thief!!
by skip April 27, 2003
A manwhore is a male person who likes to make out and/or get into the pants of girls/boys
Geraint - a 17 year old manwhore from Southport, UK. Likes to get as many girls as possible. And also likes to drink Milk Cocktails
by JinxedBeing January 07, 2007
a guy who is after sluts, and will do anything to get in bed with them. he only notices the girls who are sluts.
Rob is a manwhore. He wants a good bitch.
by Manwhore h8er. May 01, 2003
A manwhore is an excellent word to describe my fellow classmates and such.

A manwhore is a man who's rather slutty.
Gah! He broke up with me to go out with this other chick. Hes such a manwhore.
by Nameless May 21, 2004
the female version of a whore who thinks about having sex constantly
Rod is such a man-whore. He slept with Scarlet down at the football field.
by KayleeLollipop February 05, 2007
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