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A male, who is incredibly promiscuous. He will sleep with lots of women consecutively, and then brag about this, usually with exaggeration, to his friends. After he has slept with a few women, he will presume he is actually better than he is in bed, and start to disrespect women, and be rude, base and vile publicly.
"Look at that chick over there"
"Nah man, I mashed that girl, her friend and her mum last week"
"Rah your a man whore mate"
by Lemaie March 14, 2009
A man of any age range, who is deemed emotionally unavailable, often charming, and can only relate to women or men on a sexual level. He can be gay or straight, but his MO is having sex with many diverse women or men, if gay, and never quite committing to any of them. He can also be referred to as a "Player." This man is emotionally immature and has not grown out of the adolescent stage of sexual lust. He may also be a man who people think of as straight laced and good. He can be single or married. He can be an overt manwhore, or a downlow manwhore.
Tiger Woods is a true down low Manwhore, as he has slept with many women in the same time period, but never committed to any of them, and he was married. No one would have thought of him nor did anyone imagine how many women he had sex with until it was discovered one November eve.
by Cerebral63 January 16, 2010
A man who sleeps with a lot of women and cheats.

For example Ray-j.
Ray-J sleeps with every chick, he's such a man whore!
by alice88 July 12, 2007
A guy who tries to sleep with a lot of women and will cheat on his girlfriend or wife , usually he will lie to a girl just to get in her pants.
You gave him your number? He will just use you - he is such a man whore !
by fly w/tink January 03, 2009
A man who will have sex with anything that is halfway decent and has a vagina.
aka James Siegfried
He went to Florida for a week, banged a chick, and his girlfriend is none the wiser. What a man whore.
by Cindy56989422158484 August 07, 2008
A Promiscuous male.
The Equivalent to a slut.
Girl 1: Omg i have just heard that John is over Jen's house again
Girl 2: That's the fith time this week!
Girl 1: He is such a Manwhore!
by RAA123 July 17, 2008
guy who hooks up with multiple girls, sometimes four different girls in one weekend. tend to have piercings and such, and enjoy talking about there adventures with these women whom they have hooked up with; usually looks for sluts to sleep with
kyle hulett is a man whore.
by quann May 01, 2008