1.) A guy who goes from girl to girl, just for the sex. He sleeps with several different women and is not looking for any form of commitment.

2.) A guy who has a history of cheating.

3.) A guy who's just in it for the sex: no being tied down, will ditch as soon as the chick starts to get attached. Basically, they only want casual sex and no serious relationships of any sort.
A young male who has tries to get as much action as possible. He may have 5 girlfriends, 3 friends with benefits, and 4 random hook ups in the course of one week. He never forms any emotional attachment and makes his way out of the relationship at any evidence of attachment from the girl. His standards are rarely high and he doesn't care too much about appearance or personality, as long as you put out.
Matthew Rose Manwhore
by godknowsall12333 October 18, 2009
A promiscuous man who has no regard for his sexual partners or the emotional value of his relationships (or girl he's talking to)
Mikey Fucking Breakdown is the biggest fucking manwhore alive.
by SteppIris April 09, 2009
a guy who may or may not realize that they are addicted to making out and other activities. They will get into relationship just because they "need" a girl and will make her feel special until he decides he is bored and finds another pretty girl to slobber on.
Aaron and Ryan are oblivious to the fact that they are manwhores but Julia and Kayla know first hand.
by once were March 24, 2007
A man who enjoys sleeping around with girls. He often makes fun of others for not being like him, and he thinks he is really cool. He will most likely also do things to try to fit in, like smoke or drink or listen to a certain type of music. He is generally good looking, and is liked by many innocent girls that do not know about his whoreish ways. He can and will trick you into liking him, so be careful of his easy going, bad boy, charming personality.
That boy Kyle is one cute man whore!
by sssssssss3 October 29, 2008
A guy who is well whore-ish. He is after any girl he thinks is his 'hott' and not specifically sluts. He will date multiple girls and even date while having a 'steady' relationship.
He is a manwhore he is has a girlfriend and is dating her.
by I know manwhores August 07, 2006
A man who takes advantage of women by telling them he won't love them unless she does something for him, such as sex. He may also cheat on them.

Sadly, a close friend of mine took her life after finding out she had been taken advantage of by a manwhore. R.I.P. Brandy 1989-2004
I can't let the girl I love fall into the hands of a manwhore!
by Mike the Ekim April 09, 2005
A male, who is incredibly promiscuous. He will sleep with lots of women consecutively, and then brag about this, usually with exaggeration, to his friends. After he has slept with a few women, he will presume he is actually better than he is in bed, and start to disrespect women, and be rude, base and vile publicly.
"Look at that chick over there"
"Nah man, I mashed that girl, her friend and her mum last week"
"Rah your a man whore mate"
by Lemaie March 14, 2009

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