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something that hits up bitches on facebook when they spam your wall... similar to ear rape
The bitch spread some chain letter on my wall, so a man truck hit her and put her in a wheel chair.
by Pyro Penguin March 08, 2007
To go about forcefully, to do much, much more than is needed. To achieve a result without any regard for damage done while getting there.
Person 1: Dude! You just mantrucked that bathroom! What did you eat?
Person 2: Three bags of Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

Person 1: Look at all that food you have, you mantrucked that buffet!
Person 2: I'm hungry...

Person 1: Dude, come watch this porn, this girl is getting triple penetrated!
Person 2: Whoa, she's being mantrucked.

Person 1: So how long is the hike?
Person 2: About 20 miles...
Person 1: Dude, we better get mantrucking.
by bsteckler October 30, 2011
prefix- man and suffix - truck
a large overbearing manly truck, driven by men
"Little Kevin drives that huge ManTruck!"
by BeccaBex December 29, 2009