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The act of being slapped in the face by another man with a stern face and a furrow in his brow.
When Matt told Cameron he looked like a rat fuck, Cameron walked up to Matt and man-slapped him.

Did he just manslap him ?
by Mr. Dheim January 21, 2014
Manslap - when a grown man whines, bitches and moans to a point where you as a man would need to open-hand slap another man. A necessary gesture and action to quickly check a man and put him in his place, undeserving of a typical punch.
I went out with Brad the other night and he was just being annoying...Whining and complaining about nothing so I had to manslap him and check him real quick. He deserved it.
by Eastondle September 02, 2010
To be so angry with another person of any gender that you feel the need to punch them with an open palm. Used as a replacement for bitchslap when trying to be less sexist and misogynistic.
"This makes me so angry, I just want to manslap someone."
by kayreero October 10, 2011
the most intence high five known to man. having one person spin and slap the other persons fore arm in a explosive movement.
We got so excited that we totally man slapped eachother.
by mdevil November 08, 2010
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