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The first telltale sign that a guy is wearing makeup.
Whoa! I didn't reatlize that Geoffrey wore makeup until I noticed that he went a little heavy on the manscara this morning.
by SJ@24 September 06, 2009
What you say when you see a guy wearing mascara (see guyliner)
Chick: Eww! That dude is wearing his manscara way too heavy.
Dude: That's Marilyn Manson for ya.
by CouturePanda October 16, 2007
When guys/men/boys wear mascara, it becomes known as Manscara.

See also; guyliner.
Person 1: Dude, that guy is wearing mascara!
Person 2: No way, bro...he's wearing MANscara!
by Manscara July 18, 2007
Manscara is what men put on their eyelashes to make the look fuller, usually these are faggoty-ass metro Emo dudes with extremely small dicks.
Phred wears a lot of manscara.
by Jacques Asse April 07, 2009
the result of dropping your baby batter all over her eyelids... hope she closed 'em tight
I thought she need to touch up her manscara so I made her face look like a rock where seagulls hang out.
by dumben October 03, 2005