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dope for rizzeal you know the dizzeal
hows that weed mannie? ...oh hell yeah!
by scratch and sniff December 06, 2004
A form member of big tymers, left cash money for B.G.
he is a dj and you can call him the new nate dogg because he
does mostly chorus but he came out with a cd in 2004 the mind of mannie fresh which was pretty good cd, he use to work a lot with lil wayne,Baby and with people from cash money
:here that new mannie fresh beat
;what one there so similar
by K.O.KING April 04, 2006
A massive fresh black smelly turd, for obvious reasons.
Woooo Weeee I just lost 10lb, took a mannie fresh!
by Danieltw March 21, 2010
he be that nigga that licked my dick burger yo
the definition of poop pusher
Shut the fuck up mannie before i slap you in the face with a black vagina.
by Lester the Molester December 01, 2004