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Divine Legendz Leader; Amazing loud funny man, and likes to tell it as it is no matter how much it hurts. and god like, super confident
He is such a Mannie
by isir00 November 23, 2010
The slang term for the city of Mancheseter (UK).
known to be the "Illist" city in the western world
and makes "compton looks like disney land"
Mannie = Manchester/gangchester/gunchester
"welcome to mannie! the city
where its gritty coz we all vicious"
by Night-Blade October 06, 2006
an unusual person; someone who acts in a ridiculous way; someone who dumbly thinks other people care about what they are saying.
I can't believe JR just said that; he is such a MANNIE.
by stdoubleop December 31, 2007
My SeXiE DoMiNiCan/PuErTo RiCaN whoo iz soooo sooo flyy... n tha bessttt "significant other" ... anyone could evvvver have!!!
DaMn ... U got a 10 looks and a 10 personality ... u dunn pulled a MANNIE on mee
by ASH July 03, 2003
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