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From english Starcraft commentary origins, this portmanteau word combines 'Manly' or 'Man' and 'Zealot' (one of the Protoss fighting units in Starcraft.)
Hence a Manlot refers to a Zealot with particularly 'manly' (as in mucho, tough, strong) qualities. It does not typically refer to a human with Zealot-like qualities, but perhaps the Korean pro gamer Effort is an example of a human who resembles an alien in facial demeanour at least.
Manlots are characterised by staying alive longer and doing more damage than regular Zealots (compare also 'Bisu Probe' or a Starcraft 'hero' unit.)
Alas we may not see a performance from the dancing queen tonight if these manlots manage to pwn FBH in the face. How I wish the mantoss would ignore all those Korean babes and take me from behind one of these nights. ;-)
by KM3 November 05, 2009
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