both mangy and skanky at the same time
I wouldn't touch her manky ass for a million bucks!
by JT Dollar Sign December 09, 2003
To be spoilt or become defective.
I tried to cook a roast dinner but it came out all manky.
My bicycle's front wheel is manky.
by Peter December 19, 2003
oozy and/or crusty
the baby is manky
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
(adjective, slang, northeastern US) a level of attractiveness in which the person described is hot, but just a little bit trashy; exhibiting a quality of physical attrctiveness despite obviously trashy traits
Bartender at Hoedown Junction had a great body, but the feathered bangs and Poison t-shirt made her manky.
by Dr Bracken April 23, 2006
disugsting, grose
"shit that mouldy cheese sandwedge is manky"
by Greenie June 22, 2004
Adj. filth, build up, and degradation often associated with janky objects or places; objectionable sights and smells such as mildew in a budget hotel bathroom.
Don't use that manky shower; use the one in our bedroom.
by Jim Thompson September 18, 2015

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