something that is really nasty, old, or sweaty. it is in the new movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. very cool london slang word.
Harry: Why are we all standing around this manky old boot?
Fred/George: It's not just any manky old boot, it's a portkey!
by loolia November 22, 2005
A person of unfortunately stereotypical Mancunian attributes/fashion sense.
He looks a bit manky really.

i.e Liam Gallagher is well MANKY
by NEWAGECOWBOYS November 03, 2010
A noun commonly used by Sailors to discribe a female who is unattractive, has low self-esteem/low standards.
"Dude, I haven't been laid in months, but I'd rather jerk off to National Geographic's 'Tribal Girls of Borneo' again than go within ten feet of that ugly ass manky..."
by Able_Danger January 28, 2009
A person who is not only lanky (tall and thin) but who is also muscular, and usually very athletic.
"Damn that Jack is very tall... and muscly"
"Yeah, he's soo manky!"
by laurenmathieson April 03, 2009
Derrogatory term for a man who is sleazy, low-class, cheap, dirty and nasty, whose deluded attempts at vanity just make him look vulgar, lewd, unhealthy and totally unappealing.

The male version of skanky.
Beth said, "I wouldn't date that guy if he were the last man on earth. He is so manky!"

by Hiccup August 02, 2006
The name of a white furry Pokemon with a snout
I tried to capture a Manky in my Pokeball, but it escaped!
by Jordan Miller April 23, 2005
To be spoilt or become defective.
I tried to cook a roast dinner but it came out all manky.
My bicycle's front wheel is manky.
by Peter December 19, 2003

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