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Rockclimbing term for loose/crumbly rock or poorly placed protection
"I rarely climb on Glacier Point apron, because it is way too manky" "Dude, you are lucky you didnt peel, because that pro you placed was manky as hell."

by John C. Bolling August 29, 2006
Literal meaning of the work is similar to "gross"
That dead body is Manky
by shaun williams April 07, 2006
Ugly or hideous, disfigured.
me> Hey check out my MANKY toe!
you> ewww! what happened?
me> i dropped something heavy on it and minged it up!
by thegreatestshowbagonearthsux March 12, 2008
Something that is really sick and cool. A really high compliment or appraisal about something
1. 'Hey your kicks are manky'

'thanks man'
by pseudonym1027 May 02, 2013
Nasty, smelly, unwashed or unhygienic. Having a bad smell or off-odor. Excessively dirty or discolored.
After hiking for 5 days without a shower, I feel manky.
by ColonelSaunders October 18, 2012
This spelling originated with lower scots. Given the 'auld alliance' it is taken from the french; Manque meaning lacking or defective. The scots simplified the defective and applied it to everything spoiled or dirty, excessively so.
See they socks, they're dead manky
by geda February 03, 2008
A person of unfortunately stereotypical Mancunian attributes/fashion sense.
He looks a bit manky really.

i.e Liam Gallagher is well MANKY
by NEWAGECOWBOYS November 03, 2010