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The middle child of Canada.
Just like the middle child of your aunt and uncle's family of 5, Manitoba really has no reasons for anyone to outright dislike them. However, like that meek cousin of yours, there's really no reason to like them too much either. It's quiet, it minds it own business, and has no defining characteristics. Plus it's basically at the geographic centre of Canada.
by Echelon March 25, 2008
Manitoba is the Lost Province of Canada with only 1.9 People per Square Kilometre, only Highly Educated Canadians know of this Secret or Lost Province for it holds no relavence to anything.
Hey! did you know theres a 12 province ?! its called Manitoba!
by BobbyBobBob July 13, 2005
Province in Canada. Barren wasteland that should be demoted to a "territory".
Manitoba? Who the f*ck would live here?
by cynical1 October 21, 2005
Where my THE LOVE OF MY LIFE LIVES...*squeels maddly while taking is hand and dancing*
Tyler's my favorite. <3
by Sheniqua November 23, 2003
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