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Any form or forms of male genitalia i.e. penis and testicles.
Stacey - "Steve, I'm all hot and bothered... what are you gonna do about it?"

Steve - "Probably whip out my sweet, sweet manitalia..."
by TheManDanIsCool May 23, 2005
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The genitalia of male sort! Usually found in the pants. Sometimes, though not very rare, found in the pockets. A wonderful stew consisting of meat and potatoes. Can come bald or hairy.

What do you call nuts on the wall? - walnuts
What do you call nuts on the chest?- Chestnuts
What do you call nuts on your chin? - Manitalia in your mouth.

Man, my manitalia hurt.

I hate it when you punch me in the manitalia!

Get your manitalia away from me!

I wish my manitalia were bigger.
I wish my manitalia were smaller.

My manitalia is not very happy right now!
You are frustrating my manitalia.
by Adam2007 August 23, 2006
11 3