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Quite simply a conssisseur of males within a group of females (or gay males). A maniosseur's rating of a dude is always rated above everyone else's in the click.
Two chicks walking down Sunset Blvd...

Chick 1: Omg look at that cutie across the road! Isn't that Zac Efron?

Chick 2: Nah, he wishes that he was Zac Efron. But check out that other dude on the Harley at the red light...total Keanu Reeves look alike. Oh wait, it actually is Keanu Reeves!

Chick 1: Dang Tracy! How come you always spot the hottest ones!

Chick 2: I don't know Debbie. I guess I have the maniosseur's eye...

Chick 1: That's true. You perfected your maniossuerism in high school when you were just a nerd. The boys never even looked at you back then...

Chick 2: Well I bet they're gonna look at me now that I've bought myself these two babies!

*pulls up t-shirt and flashes Keanu on bike for emphasis, then runs off after causing multiple cars to crash into each other*

Chick 1: Dude...wrong-o!
by lady lynxx April 01, 2009

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