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A continuation of the days of the week related to typical alcohol consumption. i.e. Screwed Up Sunday, Manic Monday, Twisted Tuesday, etc.
Bob: You ready for Manic Monday?
Joe: I've always been more of a Thirsty Thursday person, but I'm up for a new challenge!
by carcar123123387 August 21, 2012
14 10
The beginning of the week: For work and/or school resulting in depression is a genetic condition that is triggered either spontaneously or from a significant amount of emotional pressure, associated with it being Monday!
Manic Monday....sigh...4 more days until the weekend.
by Johnathan Angelo Rosa Jr. November 24, 2008
48 34
An unemployed workers first day back at a different position, with less pay.
Man if i would have known i wouldn't even get my own cubical, i would have slept in on Manic Monday and continued to collect unemployment checks.
by oscarl January 13, 2009
20 27