A continuation of the days of the week related to typical alcohol consumption. i.e. Screwed Up Sunday, Manic Monday, Twisted Tuesday, etc.
Bob: You ready for Manic Monday?
Joe: I've always been more of a Thirsty Thursday person, but I'm up for a new challenge!
#alcohol #weekday #party #wasted #drunk #drinking
by carcar123123387 August 21, 2012
Top Definition
The beginning of the week: For work and/or school resulting in depression is a genetic condition that is triggered either spontaneously or from a significant amount of emotional pressure, associated with it being Monday!
Manic Monday....sigh...4 more days until the weekend.
#manic monday #emotional #pressure #depression #genetic #week day weekday
by Johnathan Angelo Rosa Jr. November 24, 2008
An unemployed workers first day back at a different position, with less pay.
Man if i would have known i wouldn't even get my own cubical, i would have slept in on Manic Monday and continued to collect unemployment checks.
#unemployed #awsome #jobsuck #homeless #dirty
by oscarl January 13, 2009
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