A Japanese Male Prostitute. Also used as an insult.
Your a mang!
Why be such a mang?
Dont be a mang
Your a mang child
by Aloysius Knight August 27, 2006
South London slang term for going for a Pooh
Im going for a Mang.
by Lilja April 21, 2004
mang is the best word in the fucken world it can meen wat ever the hell u want it to mean
p.s todd deep frys everythin
todd deep fryes his mangs
i have a BIG mang
manged up the mang mangs
aaron has a small mang
ur a mang grute
go mang urself
by zach February 20, 2005
A male that acts like a Fag, Faggot, Queer and/or Fairy.
Derived from the latin term Mangina.
You know that kid in theatre? Yeah, well he is a mang.
by BjornofEredarWorldofWarcraft February 09, 2012
An asian way of saying man. Don't say mang if your not an asian. FOB's only!!!
TT: whaddup mang?
Kevin Smith: Hi there fellow citizen.
by Urban Dictionary September 06, 2003
Mang as In a way to go to the bathroom
I have to take a long mang!
by Amber Rieuf July 09, 2004
basically it means shag
i want to mang you hard
by abi March 16, 2005

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