Insult. Retarted, fag, gay, gross, like a BLEH kind of person.
Jill, you are such a mandog!!!
#retarted #gay #fag #bleh #stupid
by EvilButton March 02, 2008
Top Definition
A dog that has evolved at the same rate as humans, having high brainpower but also the ability of running on all fours. Sometimes confused with werewolves.
Aaaaaaaaahhhhh, mandogs, run!
#werewolf #man #dog #mandogs #dogs
by vancouvermandogs March 23, 2007
The Mandogs is a moderately successful radio show on Radio Monash in Melbourne, Australia. The success of the show is owed entirely to the early retirement of ex-host "Mahogs".
"Hey what's going on?" "Shutup, I'm listening to The Mandogs"
#mandogs #mandog #man #dog #the mandogs
by gorossgo August 26, 2007
n. A male reproductive organ, aka man sausage, slipped into a hot dog bun. Usually used to trick someone. For full effect, man chowder is smeared on top to look like mayonnaise.
v. to slip someone a man dog: Offering an unsuspecting cum dumpster or fanny bandit a hot dog, but instead handing them a man dog with your throbbing member inside.
1. I was duped into putting my mouth on a man dog the other day and now I'm gay.
2. "Man. Tony Danza slipped me a man dog the other day. What a fag."
#mandog #vendor surprise #meat sandwich #meat dog #meatdog
by Tony Danza's Gay Uncle December 13, 2005
A game played by the British Army where one man drops his trousers and spreads his ass checks while the other places his cock length wise between his mate's ass checks. The man who spread his ass cheeks was the bun and the man who placed his cock between the ass checks was the hotdog or man-dog. The Brit soldiers tell soldiers of other nations that the game of man-dog is "totally not gay and you just don't understand because you are US/Canadian/Aussie etc".
Oy, Phiwip? Ow bout ah game af man-dog?
#fag #homo #shiteater #gay #hotdog #brit #shit #bumsex #anal
by Tony666 December 13, 2012
A hot dog and a slice of Velveta in a bun and covered with Manwich and Heinz 57 Sauce.
I told my girlfriend to make me a sandwich, but she didn't have any bread. So instead, she made me a Man-Dog.
#man-dog #hot dog #manwich #hot #dog #god #man
by awesome_food February 22, 2011
A man that can change into a dog at will.
"I think Sirius Black is a mandog."
"Yeah, he just morphed into a dog last night in front of me!"
#man #dog #dawg #mandawg #dogman
by Miss Padfoot June 26, 2009
anther term for willy
slip her a man dog
by Blakey May 05, 2004
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