Ones gorup of or single friend, it came from somewhere 'cause nuff peeps use it
"yo that kid my man-dem fa real.."
"dun worry bro, they man-dem, you know.."
by BLuNT April 12, 2005
Rosie is the bestest, most awesomest being in the whole wide universe
Person 1: Hey, do you know Rosie?
Person 2: Omg yeh! She's mandem :D
by Rumsface October 15, 2007
A group of low lived mugs who think they are the best thing that's happened on the face of the earth.
''Look at that Mandem over there''
''Yeah, they think they're so cool oh my god..''

by wendyspetshop September 09, 2011
Slang term for person. Usually used by violent thugs and hooligans when referring to another violent thug or hooligan. Can refer to either a friend or an enemy. See example below.
Fadi - "started beef with too many mandems so now i have to roll deep with my mandems"
by GF August 22, 2004
Mans of a turf or area who rep it and are willing to defend it.
"Yo is mandem reaching the jam?"
by John Hanesberg February 28, 2003
A Gang Reppin' a certain district such as Tha Plume!
Who may also be intimadating in public areas, such as roads, Fields, Cinimas, Balti, Prom Etc...
"Mandem Roll out MDA's Commin'"
by Dan C (M) February 28, 2008
mandem >> money making nigga's who live on turf and are willing to defend it.
by MARK DAVIDSON March 07, 2003
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