A Gang Reppin' a certain district such as Tha Plume!
Who may also be intimadating in public areas, such as roads, Fields, Cinimas, Balti, Prom Etc...
"Mandem Roll out MDA's Commin'"
by Dan C (M) February 28, 2008
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From the Latin 'Mandemulus', meaning a collection of less than reputable characters.
Man One: inviso illa mandemulus!
Man Two: yeah mate, safe, innit.
by Poetic Edda July 20, 2010
Mandem like a plural of man.
a group of boys.
Check out the mandems.
Two gay people riding on a tandem bike
I saw some Mandems in the park on Sunday last week.
by I loves llamas and chickens September 09, 2009
A hoard of pikeys who go around doing chavvy behaviour. Typically proletariat these underlings try to terrorise the streets of cities with ASBOesque behaviour. Often being very 'try hard'.
Charles: "James look at those hooded youths"
James: "Youths? They appear to be are age?"
Charles "You know what I mean, pikeys, rif raf, underlings, proletariat."
James: "Yes, they seem to have formed some kind of mandem"
by Winnie A June 04, 2011
Man Dem is the term used for a group of friends or homies. This term originated from the carribean but found its way to the streets of the uk where it is widely used.
Im going to link man dem.
by Meth Sonson June 28, 2006
simply put, an alternative way of saying friend
'yes yes mandem, is it true that your dad has one leg?'
by Issah May 21, 2006
A saying of Caribbean origin which quite literally translates as "the chaps over there" or "those fellows yonder". The saying has found it's way into British street use mainly due to the influence of gangs and/of rapists in urban areas. Nowadays it has evolved to a greeting or to refer to anyone else of similar mental capacity.
Gregory: "oh my daze man dem, has you bin heerin NDubz new record?"

Terrence: "i know it mandem they fo sho' wont think twice about ending manz life, y ou get me?"

Gregory: "we got no doe bro, lets pretend our position is enviable"

Terrence: "god, we is spaz'"
by raisaRam November 20, 2009

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