An extremely crazy, gothic person with odd taste only able to remember things that no one else remembers and don't matter. Tends to get lost very easily due to her directionally challenged mind of fantasy and musical ability. Talks or screams at unsuspecting people that pass her within a radius of 100 yards. Alot of times, says things very offensive but doesn't actually mean anything she says and scares people for pleasure. Miserable and happy at the same time, has a fetish for a scary person who (is said to) wants to kill her (see Alisa). Paranoid and suspicious of everything, tends to stay up too late listening to rock music with a black light on, especially during autumn and winter.
Mandarf! Where are you? Are you lost Mandarf?
Top Definition
Computer geek that can make things work just like MacGyver.
My name is Mandarf of Mandarfs Lab.
by Mandarf of Mandarfs Lab October 02, 2003
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