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the only greatest football club in the world.
Beckham... into Sheringham, and Solskjaer has won it!!

History is made. Manchester United are the champions of Europe again, and nobody will ever win the European Cup final more dramatically than this! Champions of England, Champions of Europe, Winners of the F.A. Cup, everything their hearts desired!

Down and out, not a bit of it, they are never out!
by International Bad Boy February 17, 2005
An Awesome team with amazing skill. Known for tradition and glamour. You can argue that they have glamour but not tradition. Tradition is amazing in this team. They have always brought up players when they were young and made them world class players.e.g Giggs, Scholes, Nevilles, Beckham, Nicky Butt, Roy Keane. Ever notice that in many teams in the premierleague there is at least one person who used to play for Man United and this is why I will always be a Man United Fan. Excluding all of the trophies they have won.
Rio Ferdinand passes it to Giggs, an amazing run by Giggs his moving and twithching left to right, can you believe it a man in his 30's acting like a teen, but this is still Ryan Giggs finally passes it to Rooney and shot and Its a GOALLLLLLL!!!!!! This is Manchester United we are talking about.
by Doma December 18, 2004
a crap team who evryone supports even though they dont live in manchester.
spurs 999999999999999999999 - 0 man u
by i hate townies and arsenal September 07, 2003
The BEST football team in the world!!(football not soccer!!)
More history than any other team will ever have in the premier league!
I'm a manchester United Fan so dont hate.
by c.ronaldo777777 March 03, 2006
THE Best Team in the World!!!

Everyone in KGV knows it ...

-Max, a great loyal supporter.
Rio Ferdinand with a great loft pass to the sideline to giggs, gigs with a brilliant cross, ROONEY!!!!!!!

hey makes it look SOOO easy!!!
by loyal supporter April 01, 2005
The best football team in the world!!! They have the biggest and best stadium in England and also have the best players.
Manchester United beat liverpool 4-0
by jack_1994 September 30, 2006
A soccer team that fully dominates all others.
Manchester United beat Arsenal for the 564th game in a row this season, wow Arsenal blows cock.
by Stephan Scantum May 30, 2005