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The best team around, the team who plays real football. Also the team with the greatest manager - Sir Alex Ferguson. Amazing players like Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes, let's just say the whole squad.

Most fans who don't live in Manchester and support Man Utd get called 'glory supporters'. This is not true, you don't HAVE to support the local team where you live. You support whoever you think are the best team.
local team fan: who do you support?
man utd fan: manchester united of course
local team fan: you fuckin glory supporter, you should be supportin our team
man utd fan: your team are shit and can't even win a game, have no history to their name, have shit players, have a new manager every season, and you wonder why i support man utd..
by faizah November 08, 2007