The religion.The Greatest .The best.The ONLY treble winners.Manchesters pride and joy.
Born in Manchester
Live in Manchester
Die in Manchester
Manchester United is Manchester

by joeregular June 21, 2006
One of the most over-rated football clubs in the whole of the United Kingdom, and, let's face it - one of the worst.

The fans brag and gloat over every single victory, especially at a derby match with their rival team, Manchester City. Every single goal they score leads them to believe they are winning, even if they have a low score of, let's say, 6-1. If you are ever near a United fanatic, beware of the screaming, yelling and the fucking annoying cheers that will come soon after a goal.

The fans are majorly based in London, and minorly in Manchester itself. Not that the stadium is actually in Manchester, of course.

Also, a lot of the players are simply arsehole cheats, and I don't just mean on the field.

They may be one of the most famous, but they're also one of the most shitest. Even a rat wouldn't support a team as bad as them.
Person A: You know my mate, Stan?
Person B: Aye?
A: He's a Manchester United fan.
B: What a delusional prick.
by iamtehawesumness January 08, 2012
Man United are a football team in England who were very successful in the nineties, but now are not. Most Mancunians support rivals Man City, most of the support comes from the South of England, Cyrus, Malta, USA and East Asia. Everyone used to hate them as they were bloody good, now they aren't that good, so no one cares much about them. This annoys them.

Fans are famously low in football knowledge.
Manchester United football fans club- 2000 members (Down from 10000 in the ninties)
1 from Manchester
600 from South England
100 from Cyrus
100 from Malta
199 from USA
1000 from East Asia
by billy-bob-billy July 31, 2006
Undoubtedly the best club in England.(Stop living in the past you scouse and when was the last time you won the EPL?).One of the best in Europe(probably the best)and the only treble winner.

While Manchester United celebrate another title and trophy. The only things Scousers can do is to be bitter. (or give this entry thumb down...i know they're are such as loser)
by moovee June 14, 2008
A team that got bought by an Anerican.
Malcom Glazer owns Manchester United!
by usaguy March 12, 2006
Greatest football team in the world...(we're talking REAL football, not that crap American's call football) sometimes known as the Mighty Reds
"My baby takes the morning train. He works from 9 to 5 and then he takes another home again to find me... watching the Manchester United football team! Eh? The best freamin' team in all the land! Whoo-hoo!" ~Scotty, in EuroTrip
by DARKJESTER April 06, 2005
The Greatest football team on earth. Draws derison from lesser teams because of sucess. Sadly a number of fans are glory hunters. Thankfully there is still a large number of true supporters and each one hates the glory hunters. The richest football club without unlimited millions from some tax evading Russian. Fans have seen the club through difficult times on many occasians and have been rewarded spectaculary. Malcolm Glazer threatens the existence of the football club, hoping to heap great debt upon the club and force the players to play in an empty stadium because everyone hates him so much. So rich that almost £30 million was wasted on the waste of talent that was Juan sebastian Veron.
Manchester United are the greatest ever football team.
by Phillip February 10, 2005
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