Team that is supported by Irishmen living in London, poeple who don't know about football and don't want to appear boring or people who like Beckham and don't realise he plays for Madrid and is actually crap
Who do you support?
Man U
Name a player
by Big_Sam_12 February 07, 2005
A group of mugs who claim to play football. Their stadium, Old Trafford is a giant HQ of the Inbreeding Society of England. But you have to hand it to them. They have the best refs in England (Mike Riley)
"I support Man United!"
"Oh i didn't know you were an inbred"
by hgc March 14, 2005
England's American soccer franchise, owned by the Glazer family Man United exist to make money. A faceless corporation without soul or heart. Supported by those who know nothing about football i.e. gloryhunters. (they will be hunting a while by the looks of it.)
Manc: I love Manchester United
Scouser: Lah, you're a pile o bastads
by Double G August 08, 2006
A really bad team going into steep decline following the David Moyes and Van Gaal
Aaron: Manchester United is sheeat
Bill: Agreed
by gcjdavid January 02, 2015
One of the biggest clubs in the world. No, You aren't the biggest, Mancs. Says who? Messi and the rest of Barca
do. But you're the best in the UK and most successful. Feel better?

Their gaffer, although he is a legend, is also a whisky-nosed gobshite. Known to have every official in the F.A. in his lap from Mike Riley to the Northwest Counties Premier league part-time ref. Likes to look at the fourth official and tap his watch his to intimidate him, especially if Yernited are losing. Naturally, this results in a rediculous and usually unustifiable amout of extra time added, to allow United to nick a result.

Also likes to flail his arms wildly in rage and jump around like a twat if a ref does dare stand up to him and not rule in Yernited's favor, all while sipping on Heineken on the touchline.

The best player on earff (well according to Mancs, anyway) plays for them. Cristiano Ronaldo, and yes, he is class. However, he is a miserable little twit who flies through the air at the slightest touch, usually making sure he is convieniently inside the opposition box, and convieniently
when Yernited happen to be losing, in search of a penalty. In the rare event that a peno is not given, he likes to join in with his teammates in surrounding and bullying the official.

When not doing this he can be found modelling bird's clothing , crashing cars into guardrails, and sexing up the local Mancunian transvestites for cash.

Their supporters - oh my, lol. Most of them are from the following: Asia, Middle East, London, for the most part.
99.5% of them couldn't locate Manchester on a map, never mind say they have been to Old Trafford. I'm not quite sure how they even watch United, since most of them
are either huddled in mud huts or are too poor to afford a television, if you review the above locations I mentioned. Not that they're missing anything, well they aren't missing
any atmosphere by not being at O.T. cos there is none, just 70,000 different accents, none of them English, munching away on prawn sarnies.

Any attempt to slight Yernited to Yernited supporter is usually met with the good old rebuttal "How many trophies have you lot won?"

When you go to Old Trafford, you will be amazed by the lack of actual team songs that Manc fans have, other then "Glory, Glory Yernited!". Usually what you
hear are : songs about scousers, songs about Liverpool FC, songs about Hillsborough, songs about Heysel, songs about Good ol Leeds, and songs about Citeh. You will
also see numerous banners concerning those 3 clubs as well in the ground. But they aren't obsessed or bitter, no not them lot! lol.

On the topic of Hillsborough, they seem to find humor in singing about dead scousers, yet get all uptight when scousers or Leeds fans sing about Matt Busby and Munich, or when Fabian Delph made the aeroplane gesture at Oldham after scoring earlier this season. Hypocriticla much?

There you have it folks. Yernited. Doubt most people will like it, but what do you expect? I'm a leeds fan!
Leeds fan : The Mancs are singing "We all hate Leeds scum" again....

mate: are Manchester United playing Leeds in a Cup game or summat?

Leeds fan : Naw, they are just gobshites who are so bitter and obsessed with us they can't stop thinking of us

mate: ah yea, mate, figured so. dont most Mancunians support Citeh anyway?

Leeds fan: aye....
by The Mad Hatter 55 June 02, 2009
The World's Greatest Team (TM)

The only Manchester team worth a mention

Their alternative names include Man United, MUFC, United.
'Man U' is a horrible abbreviation and one that real United fans hate
Manchester United dominated English football throughout the late 50's, late 60's and all of the 90's.
It's a shame they've become a corporate brand, but the local football club element still remains at Old Trafford, despite what the ABU's say

'We are the pride of all Europe, the cock of the north. We hate the scousers, the cockneys of course (and leeds!)'
by zutroy January 09, 2005
The most hated football team in the world.

Their supporters all live in London, and they play their home fixtures in a theme park.

They sook because people sing about Munich, but are happy to sing about Arsene Wenger being a paedophile every time he goes there.

They fork out outrageous amounts of money for players who turn out not to be that good (Michael Carrick).

95% of their supporters live overseas and know jack shit about them, yet profess to a long-standing love of 'their team'

Their manager is the most pig-headed bastard to ever inhabit a technical area, who never sees an incident where a United player dives or does one of their typically scummy tackles, but is always prepared to get stuck right into other teams whenever someone gets tough on one of his players.
Typical Manchester United Fan 1:"Who is Matt Busby?"
Typical Manchester United Fan 2:"I don't know, maybe he's the groundskeeper"
by stephen pay amos March 25, 2008
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