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A badass outdoor activity for those confident in their heterosexuality to partake in. Chilling in the backyard of someone or guerilla camping with improvised shelter. Often accompanied by movie watching and/or copious amounts of alcohol and firearms or airsoft guns. Affirming your manliness through survival skills + catching food is a plus.
After our backpacking trip up the AT had to be scrapped because Bob had drill for his job in the 19th Special Forces Group we ended up mancamping on his 10 acre property and built a trick lean-to to keep out the snow.
by PvtParts March 31, 2012
A camping trip where only gay or curious straight men go camping without sleeping bags for the purpose of sleeping inside of each other.

In order to mancamp properly you must only sleep inside of another man. No sleeping bags allowed, only penal/rectal heat and friction can be used for heating purposes. A Hot Carl or Golden Shower can only be used in life and death situations for heating.
When the 19 year old whores asked if they could go camping with Brian, he replied, "Sorry girls, we are going MANCAMPING. The only ass I want to sleep in is MAN-ASS!! We will snuggle up all night and sleep inside of each other!"
by Aaron Neff February 08, 2008
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