A full grown man who looks like a baby, and acts like a some type of awkward child. This usually includes being short, having an excess of fat, and protruding lips and/or brow. Usually to be classified as a "man baby", this person is encountered in a comic shop, an online video game, or as a dysfunctional co-worker that the manager keeps around either out of pity or relation.
I was in line at Best Buy for halo 3, and this totally sweaty man baby was ahead of me buying several weeks worth of anime porn.
by Arithmetics October 12, 2007
A man baby can be described as a rather tall warehouse manager that gets particularly sad and/or angry when he does not get his way. Although he is tall and strong he does not want to be exploited for his manly qualities; he will not help his lovely coworkers by lifting boxes, carrying soda/water, or bringing them tables. If you see this man baby in the wild, beware of his shirtless side kick, the elusive finance manager. Don't let him fool you with his charming cackle; he has been known to cause spontaneous nose bleeds as well as convert an entire office full of well-meaning people to cussing bandits. The finance manager will always say "I told you so!"
Quit being such a man baby and carry this 12 pack of coke up the damn stairs.
by Lovely co-worker February 17, 2009
What is produced following mansex.
You don't want to see an example. Imagine a chocolate covered krispy-kreme.
by mcrandello July 18, 2003
A male up to the age that he gets married, whom is attached to his mother. He is a man but still needs his mother. Past being a "momma's boy" but not quite on his own.
Mom: I love my ManBaby...

Son: I hate you for calling me that but I love you!
by CrazyCakes March 23, 2012
A man that is 25 years of age and older still living under there mothers roof and or a man that is that age were he should no longer be playing video games that allow them to compete for nothing but video game awards.
If John doesnt stop working at game stop for a discount and at least become a manager he will stay a man baby.
by Fonzerilli May 12, 2008
Men, usually aged 12-22, who (a) are chubby/sweaty or (b) were assembled poorly in the womb and who, instead of making up for their lack of striking physical attractiveness by being funny, fun, interesting or down-to-earth will instead use any and all opportunities to put themselves down (especially in the presence of the opposite sex), stand in corners at parties, avoid conversations with friends at parties or take other measures in an attempt to get noticed. Manbabies are completely and utterly unable to grasp the idea that the pity points they earn from the occassional girl is not a sexual advance of any kind and will do nothing to improve their chances with a female. The behavior of manbabies at parties is as an enormous disservice to their friends, who must put up with the fact that they have a whiney, emotional, irrationally depressed and hopelessly romantic manbaby to worry about while they themselves are trying to meet girls. Tend to listen to a lot of angsty music (ie: Linkin Park, Slipknot) and are frequently heard describing how terrible they are with women.
"Oh crap, Johnny's standing in the corner being a manbaby again."
"Dammit! He always does this whenever we go out."
by Scott April 02, 2005
When babies come out of your "pee-hole"
the first guy is a GOON, ha SA
by Anonymous June 20, 2003

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