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The combination of a man's duck butter and swamp ass.
The only thing you could smell was his man pond
by bearface July 22, 2004
When you cum into a girls bellybutton
I just jizzed in your bellybutton, that is my man pond
by A.Dangles March 29, 2009
A gathering of males at a certain location to bond.

A large group of males (and some masculine females) that partake in physical activities in an attempt to bond and unite, particularly on a hot day.
"Dude, it's a f***ing man pond out here with all these guys groping each other," said John.
by Whoosah July 22, 2009
v. to urinate on a shaved chest and watch it gather into a substantial body of urine, resembling a lake, or more appropriately, a pond, as the name suggests.
You should have seen this guy get manponded last night. He was swimming fer sher.
by The Progrum November 10, 2009