a mouth that belongs to an individual, male or female that is known to please a man orally
josh, would you be kind enough to stop running your man pleaser?
by mclout4226 September 28, 2009
Top Definition
"the mouth"; to refer to someones mouth in a homosexual reference
"shut your man pleaser"
by Rich January 14, 2003
The mouth of a woman, or man if he's a homosexual.
Shut your manpleaser!
by Jason Hahne April 25, 2004
your dirty cock sucking mouth
Shut your man pleaser Lindsey
by Andy Bess and Adam Fletcher October 31, 2004
another way to describe a persons lips/mouth... usually a womans lips but to each his own i guess...
1. "oh hell no you don't wanna be talkin shit to me you du...."
"bitch shut your fuckin' man-pleasers!!!"

2. "why do you keep lookin at me wit that smile?"
"cause... ya got some beautiful man-pleasers"
"really... thank you"
by d i z k o 2 0 8 November 26, 2011
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