What elan has for brad pitt and keanu reeves
"Dude, brad pitt is phenomenal i think i have a man crush."
by jasdfa December 02, 2006
The feelings every straight man has for Vince Young. It is neither sexual nor is it in any way homosexual.
It's completely normal to have a man crush on Vince Young.
by CorporationX May 01, 2005
to be inexplicably attracted to member of the male sex whilst under narcotic influence, particularly ketamine hydrochloride
"if i'm really high on K, i get man crushes"

haw haw...rogues a fag!

by err0r May 22, 2006
Lingering homosexual feelings,normally towards celebrities, that manifest themselves in non-sexual discussion about the celebrities.

They are non-sexual only because distance and chance of encouter are low.
I saw Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds, he is hot. But I am not gay, not that there is anything wrong with that.
by deaker June 10, 2005
When a man likes a male actor in a very homosexual way, consisting of homo-erotic fantasies and masturbating to the actor's pictures or movies.
Jonathan wants to put his dick in Zach Braff's ass. aka Mancrush

Is Spanker beating off to his mancrush again, damn what a fag.
by TJ M. May 16, 2007
A word used to describe a competitive interaction between males. Often the users of this phrase are female's with crushes on Johnny Depp.
That Andyn said Danny had a man crush on Kahan was evidence that she had a thing for pirates.
by Adolphus March 21, 2005
To like a dude if you are another dude.
Wolfe: Hey Commerce, what are you staring at?

Commerce: A picture of Donnie, he is cute

Wolfe: Dude, you have a man crush!
by Sig March 14, 2004
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