A word used to shame boyfriends, husbands and sons into picking up their underwear and placing it in the laundry rather than leaving it on the floor. Also used to tease teenagers into hiking up their drawers to avoid showing their man panties to the world. It is generally highly offensive to those who are targeted -- which is really the point.
Please pick up your man panties from the bathroom floor before I run them up the flagpole for all to see.

Please pull up your pants so that we are not all treated to a study of your man panties.
by Kelly-TBCRI September 13, 2009
Top Definition
A thong with a special "cup" to hold the male genitalia.
Girlfriend: "I just like to go to sleep wearing a T-shirt and Panties!"

Boyfriend:"Me Too!!!!"


Boyfriend:"Ummmm... MAN PANTIES!!!"
by girl w/out panties May 01, 2004
Boxers, Boxer Briefs or Briefs that are made out of a material that a woman's panties would normally be made out of.
"Wow, those man panties are silky smooth"!
by Deppgirl5683 November 21, 2006
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