This is when a man has a crush on another man. Not the homosexual type, but he wishes he lived the life of that man.
Andrew has the biggest man crush on Tom Selleck. I think that Stephen has a man crush on Rod Stewart.
by Stephen Andrew February 06, 2008
Term used to define a man's heightened feelings toward another man. This "crush" usually involving athletes or actors, relies on one mans' desire or infatuation to perform like, talk like, or even some cases say they know this "crush" for his self importance or image. Not quite homosexual, but close. This crush may also be the result of a womans passion towards a celebrity.
Mike's "man crush" on Chase Daniel has accelerated after his girlfirend was speechless and started blushing after seeing Chase on campus.
by Chase D. July 10, 2008
Noun. A platonic love that one man has for another man. Usually characterized by good-natured competitiveness or the ability to hold very different views yet still behave as close friends through mutual respect.
Dave thinks Frank is the best thing since sliced bread. He has a man crush.
by Duncan Sadat June 30, 2005
a secret crush/attractiveness/admiration a straight male feels towards another male that they may or may not admit to having (every guy has one)
my brother has a man crush on Taylor Lautner!!!!!
by meganocity July 08, 2011
Origonating from teenage society, this word describes a male crush on a certain celebrity or fellow companion. Occuring most commonly in depressed, fussy men, this concept is powerful and can overcome ones life.
Brad Eicher has a man crush on Hugh Grant.
by Bill and Ryan C. May 13, 2004
When a guy has feelings for girls but also feels a non-sexual attraction to another guy.
Dude, I have such a Man-Crush on Austin
by TheMinecraftPlaya June 11, 2013

When a heterosexual man has intense admiration for another man, to the point that it seems like sexual attraction (but it's not). This is usually a submissive-dominant relationship, since the person with the man crush will usually do or say anything to win the respect of (or a high-five from) the crushee.
Person 1: Jay's not here, he's off playing one-on-one basketball with Frank.

Person 2: I thought Jay hated sports.

Person 1: Man crush...

Person 2: Ah, say no more.
by Stullman April 30, 2011
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