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A person born as a woman often mistaken for a man because of the way they act, dress, and appears. Typically having a better fade then most guys.
As john walks through BEST BUY he approached a TV sales associate . Unsure if it was a man or a woman he quickly thought if he should say : "excuse me MAM or excuse me MISTER" he simply realized the logical thing to do is vary simple . He decided to simply say "Excuse me MAMSTER do you have the new Samsung "
by 40ozwreckingkrew October 28, 2015
To kiss a dude, then get a girlfriend and keep your virginity untill you get married.
Salsito's first kiss was from Adam, now he has a girl but his keepin his V card, he's such a mamster!
by Angrypaco March 06, 2009
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