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A liquid of great value to the people of another dimension, only Bill Williams of Crotchduster knows the exact ingredients. Its use is becoming popular amongst African American rappers as well as the people of Williamsburgland.
God damn we damned sure got to get some mammal sauce.
by lightwizard420 April 28, 2004
A sauce that has mulitple uses, such as you can put it in your hair, or spike a drink, or put it on your balls, or on your wang, and if you dont use it you might as well gay.
My mamal sauce is the best mammal sauce i spread mammal sauce on my wang.
by Theodore Calech March 24, 2005
mammal sauce is another word for cum, jism, semen, etc.
I left mammal sauce all over my girl's face after we we'ew done fucking.
by Aidan Bauer March 18, 2007

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