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1. Someone who truly enjoys a good cock suck.
2. In Mexican slang, it means "you ignorant, snobby, piece of shit, worthless motherfucker." Of course, you have to be really pissed off with someone and say it in a tone that expresses your discontent with said person.
3. Among cool (and not easily offended) friends, it simply means "dumbshit."
1. Trevor and Tim are two eager mamavergas. they frequent gay bars and homeless shelters hoping to unzip some dudes pants to get a taste of cock.
2. "¡Russ, eres un Pinche Mamaverga!" *This usually works best with a "Pinche" in front of it. (look up pinche. in this case, #5 is the best description of the word)
3. Jokingly: "Eduardo, you Mamaverga, did you hide my hustler magazines again?"
by superlicious pimp January 23, 2009
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