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Mamasang is woman who is a prostitue seller. It is a sweeter term for bugaw or a brothel keeper. She sells her prostitutes and save the profit for herself. A typical mamasang is fat or chubby, has dark lips due to smoking has bulging boobs with big cleavage to attract customers. Mamasangs always have hot girls and not-so-hot girld with her. She makes profit on these girls but they still love her. A mamasang is noisy, loves to shout and denies much of herself as a mode of self defense. Mamasangs are calm and good girls at day but ferocious wild beasts at night. Mamasangs have a sugar daddy which can be called as papasang. He indulge mamasans in worldly pleasures (Sex, money, alcohol, etc.). Papasangs can also abuse any of mamasang's girls. Mamasangs and her minions are always prone to STD
Mamasang has many hot prostitutes.
by papasang06 January 10, 2011
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