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The sexual act of a girl desperately trying to get pregnant but her lover will only let her give him a blow job. Once he has left the room she attempts to impregnate herself by “Mama Birding” his cum (throwing-up) into her own underwear.
She was so desperate that after the blow job she tried to "Mama Bird" his cum into her panties.
by VeritasCaput March 31, 2010
University of Colorado Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club Team. 2004 National Champions.
god damn, Mamabird kicked our ass
by bird called mama April 21, 2005
The sexual act of a woman thrusting her tongue into the back of a man's throat while kissing. This causes the man to vomit into the skank's mouth, at which point she climaxes into euphoria and is no longer hungry.
Jill was such an aggresive kisser that I Mama-Birded right into her mouth. She fucking loved it!
by Brigham Young Jr. October 27, 2010
a sexual maneuver where the man cums in the girl's mouth, then the girl spits the cum back into his mouth.
I had the taste of my own seminal fluid in my mouth for many hours after you gave me a Mamabird last weekend. thanks.
by interg12 February 11, 2007
After downing a 6'er of Black&Tan in short order last night, I Mama Birded the porcelain hatchling.
by N8MAN1068 July 10, 2008
1. The act of chewing up food and spitting it into another's mouth. This is commonly done for those who lack salivary glands, therefore they would have some difficulty chewing up dryer foods such as bread, pancakes, or cupcakes.

2. A sexual act in which a male partner defecates into the mouth of the other partner, then proceeds to masturbate onto the feces. The first partner chews up the feces and cum into a mush. The partner then drops the mixture from their mouth into the other partner's mouth, just as a mama bird would do to feed her young.
1. Dan doesn't have any saliva, so Sarah had to mama bird him that cupcake.

2. Roger loves shit so he wanted Randy to give him a good old mama bird.
by sumo545 July 07, 2009
a person usually a girl who when intoxicated thinks she's in charge and will promptly cut you off when she feels you've had enough.
"Hide your drink! Kim is in mama bird mode."
by Big Al 80 July 06, 2009
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