this has a number of different meanings:

1) Can be used as a general greeting of an odd, interesting, and/or manically behaving individual.

2) Or as a cry of disbelief or shock, usually after an unthoughtful or an over-provocative comment, sometimes sexual in nature.
1) Person1: Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is (insert name). Yours?

Hoonamoona Balloonamoo, which means the lover of all things four-legged and hairy, yet human-like.

You...are a Malone.

2) Person1:
What'd you do last night?

I had a three-way with your mother and 70 year old aunt...

by The Original Malone February 07, 2009
Top Definition
One having the penis the size of a prehistoric reptile, otherwise known as a dinosaur.
I knew after his dick hit water when he was shitting he was hung like a malone.
by Spy Fox February 07, 2010
another word for "melons"
referring to large breasts
Dude.. did you see her malones??
by kidelh March 02, 2007
A loser; one who has strange one liners; a person you make fun of so that you feel better about yourself; a target of many jokes
Person 1: "That's so batman"
Person 2: What a Malone

Person 1: There was a smattering of them.
Person 2: What a Malone

Most famous Malone Saying: "You don't Malone me, I Malone you"
by verouchi August 09, 2013
derived from cock malone this word is used as in insult which has no meaning. the usage of this word is to insult people without them knowing what is going on. perfect for use on your boss, little sister, teacher, professor, parents and extended family, etc.
boss: charles im gonna need you to come in on sunday
charles: No you lousy malone
boss: did you just call me a malone
charlie: yes
boss: hey, i like you kid, you dont need to come in on sunday
chuck: thanks sir.....ya cock malone !!!!!!
by big throws malone October 25, 2006
Man who spits on lasange whilst wearing female cuff links.

Also, a name used by females to describe a shocking kisser.
He maloned on my pasta!

That guy was a malone in the bedroom, so i dumped him!!
by kopingbob June 26, 2008
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