marshmallows that are orange and black flavored. Tell montenegro that theyre stackable, they'll scare your dad, and the punks next door won't know what hit them when you give them a satchel-full of marshmallows. Homestar got a weird eyeball that makes an eyeball sound for doing the commercial.
sorry... must have got a toenail caught in my throat!
by homsar October 29, 2003
Top Definition
Orange and black marshmallows, made by the Fluffy Puff company. They'll scare your dad! And they come in a tidal wave of marshalades! What more could you want?
"They're orange, doot doo, they're black, deet dee, look for the ones with me on the bag, dressed as a vampire!" -Marshie
by Tom October 21, 2003
That time of the year when Marshie advertises special edition marshmallows. He'll scare your dad!
You'd better believe it's new Fluffy Puff Malloween Orange & Black Flavoured Marshmallows!
by Axel Nanol October 21, 2003
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