A Blacksmith with a cookie-cutter-build
-Hey its Mallow..
-Yeah he has a cookie cutter build
by Armand~ May 02, 2005
Top Definition
The prince of Nimbus Land who was left with Frogfucious when he was a baby. Until Mario came along and discovered his true past, Mallow thought he was a tadpole who wasn't very talented. He was basically the offensive mage in Super Mario RPG.
Use Mallow's lightning attack to defeat multiple foes.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
The somewhat melted state a marshmallow takes after being roasted on an open fire.
"Hey Phil, stick this mallow between that chocolate and graham crackers to make a s'more."

"Ouch, I burned my mouth on that mallow."
by Tony Z March 03, 2007
noun: A useless character from the game Super Mario RPG. Cries to make rain fall from the sky as his attacks, he is renown for being menstrual. The name should be capitalized by modern English rules, but the character doesn't deserve it. synonymous with 'vagina'
Dude, all you do is bitch and moan, stop being such a mallow.
by ~9-3 off February 15, 2010
1.) when the support character has more lines than the main actor
2.) when the support character is used more like the main character.
the main character is silent, But the Partner, For example, has a massive story revolving around this Support character. And thus, has More lines. And also Thus, Being a Mallow
by Darkshadowmark October 15, 2010
to eat in a hurried manner
I mallowed down that kebab
by Sohino May 30, 2011
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