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1.) Girl of Indial origin (indian name)
2.) meaning sweet smelling (jasmine) flower.
Do you know that girl, Mallika, over there? She always smells schweet!
by injun February 27, 2005
A name of Indian origin that lends itself well to countless nicknames (ex: Mikki, Malli, Cheeks, Mika, Pooks, etc.); Mallika's are exotic and fun to be around. The life of the party, they are always there for their friends and their quirky sense of humor makes everyone around them laugh with them (or at them), but they never fail to retain a sense of mystery and they can always keep a secret.
Him: Whoah... where did that obnoxious laugh come from?
Her: Oh, that's Mallika and her friends. They're always like that.
by SickyNarNar March 25, 2009