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Mallies aka "Somalies" aka "starvin' marvin's"; are muslim's who think they are "Jamaican", they walk around and say the common word "Wallahi". Mallies are very good at begging, stealing and having multiple children ranging from 5-10. They live on welfare, and live in 1 apartment with 10 other family members.
"Whoa, Muhammed Muhammed your the 5th Mallie who has asked for bus fare in the last 10 minutes!"
"Mallies don't bite, they just beg"
by LongLivePakistan January 07, 2005
Mally is a person.
mally is way of bagging some one out, insulting them becuase they are fat.
Mally can also be used to compliment someone
'Your such a mally!'
'Woah, that dress looks rather mally on you'
by stabu18 July 25, 2008