Top Definition
a girls name.

often someone who has a huge belly and greasy hair, very smelly.

not someone you want to be friends with because she is twofaced.
also has extreamly small breasts for her intire life.

ashley: ew look at that girl, who is she?
ryan: just some gross grade 7
ashley: is her name mallia?
ryan: yes!
by devenn September 29, 2009
When young women have small breasts and smelly arm pits or persperation (sweat) stains.
Rob: Look at that girl i want to one night her.
Amanda: She is gross and is a total mallia.
Rob: NEVERMIND. That girl will be a virgin for ever, just look at her small boobs.
Amanda: Good thing im a C cup!
Rob: Yes!
by JakobHalo December 08, 2009
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