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Biggest mall in the US. Located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Three full floors of stores, fourth floor has some clubs and a 14 screen theater, there is also a theme park with roller coasters and a ferris wheel. Also called The Mall, Hugedale, and the Megamall.
I went to the Mall of America and just got lost in the consumerism.
by EmilyFinn December 22, 2004
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Mall of america in Bloomington,Minnesota is the biggest US mall, and the best it has nightclubs,underground fishtank, and everything.
by Spooks95 March 30, 2005
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The biggest Mall in the United States. You think it's big, but then you go and you're like "THIS is what I've been dying to see???" Being a native Minnesotan I never had to go through the dissapointment of seeing the mall for the first time. It's only big because there is an amusement park in the middle and an aquarium in the basement and nightclubs and a theater on the 4th floor.
Chick from Utah: "I'm so excited to go to the Mall of America!"

Chick from Minnesota: "It's nice and all, but don't get your hopes up kid."

*after they arrive*

Chick from Utah: "Fuck this!"

Chick from MN: "Told ya so"
by Don'tYaKnow/YouBetcha! April 04, 2010
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A lame, over popular, mall in a dull, boring city with nasty fat pasty girls with thick accents. Supposedly the biggest in the US however, it is just a small lame theme park in a regular sized mall.
Sarah: I came from Houston to see this Mall of America?

Sarah's Cousin Lauren, a resident of Minneapolis: Yea, isn't it aweseome? It's the biggest in the US you know?

Sarah: Yes, I know that, but where is the Louis Vuitton, Fendi, or Gucci?

Lauren: We don't have those stores, but we do have a BigDog outlet.

Sarah: My point exactly...
by SarahTipsy October 17, 2007
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