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A group of people walking slowly parallel to eachother(shoulder to shoulder), in a narrow isled shopping plaza, which creates a physical baracade allowing no one to pass on either side.
Bill only had a 15 minute break at work so so he rushed to the food court to grab some pizza, only to be stopped by a mall wall consisting of two old women, two strollers, and a few dick head prep school kids.
by Adam A September 15, 2003
The point where you are exhausted/annoyed from walking and shopping through the mall and need to rest and/or get a energizing beverage.
Dude, lets find a Starbucks in this place, we've been shopping for a while and I'm totally hitting a mall wall.
by citydolls May 19, 2011
Related to mall hair. But this term specifically refers the the bangs in front that are teased and/or blow-dried and hair-sprayed so much it stands straight up in front. This action creates a Mall Wall. (archaic term)
Tina had so much hair spray on her bangs, Her Mall Wall would survive a tsunami!
by willywall April 01, 2015
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