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When one is stalked in a mall by a very, very annoying person. This is typically the first stage of Mall Rape, which is a very, very rare type of person. Mall Stalking is a very annoyong issue many people who visit malls now a days face. Mall Stalkers can be easily identified by their behavior; they will follow you where ever you go, and if you look back at them, you may catch them look away or try to seem like he/she isn't following you. Mall Stalkers are also people who will blow up your phone if both of you are at the mall at the same time. Mall Rats are often confused with Mall Stalkers because of their similar behavior, but the Mall Rat and Mall Stalker are two very different species.
Allie: Hey, did you see that guy over there?
Paige: Yeah, I think he's following us.
1 hour later...
Allie: OMG, he is STILL following us!
Paige: Every time I look back at him, he just turns around and acts like we're not here.
Allie: OMG He is TOTALLY Mall Stalking us!
by ThatCoolGuyYouDon'tKnow March 19, 2013
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