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1. Malini is an Indian name for a girl.. The name means "another name for the goddess Durga" / someone who loves tending to nature (specially flowers) / Spanish Jasmine flower.

3. A beautiful girl with a beautiful smile and eyes that could light up the world. Malini's are usually very sweet caring and athletic girls who have a taste for the finer things in life. They can and will also put you in your place if you disrespect/offend them. Malini's are fond of animals/nature/the universe and they are loyal to their partners, family and friends.

4. A very sexy, sporty girl with a wild side. She keeps you always hanging on, always wanting more. She is a seductress of sorts, without even trying to be. She normally has a very pretty face and a body to die for.

5. She is love personified. If you find this girl, you must hold on to her no matter what.
There goes Malini, I wish she was mine.
by Fireheartlover August 22, 2010
She is the best friend you search for your entire life. When you find her, you never let her go. She keeps you entertained when you board. She will never let you fall. She helps you out when times are rough. She will be with you till the end.
Malini, your the best
by JB2488 November 24, 2012
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