Sinhala name for males. Pronounced 'Maalinde'. Coined from some syllables taken from the first line of a popular lullaby, 'Ma veni bilindaa' (Infant, who is so much like me). Can be truncated to Malin, Mali, Maalee or, in reference, Maalindaya
Malindaya ko? (Where is that fellow Malinda?)
by Kadawara May 25, 2012
Top Definition
Supposedly of Greek origin, it is considered to some to be the Old English spelling, and hence the correct one. It has many meanings, usually refering to beauty and mystery.

If a person named Malinda encounters another person who has their name, the first question is always "How do you spell it?" followed by a smug look if the other person spells it Melinda. In fact, most Malindas will tolerate being called Melissa, Matilda, Malaria, etc, so long as their real name is spelled correctly.
"Dude, that Malinda girl sure is hot, but she punched me when I spelled her name wrong."
by m*A*linda June 14, 2008
THE BESTEST HOTTEST PERSON EVER!! a malinda is also very smart and usually a dirty little beasty!
Usually nicknamed Lindy.
OMFG, your soo nice. is your name malinda?
by LACRISHA January 28, 2008
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