A sexy guy of the name Zayn Malik who is in the band 1 Direction
by ItsAmazayn November 23, 2011
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sexy guy of mixed ethnic background with a great smile and nice, tan body, often well-endowed, but also pretty smart and good personality too; may be a bit of a stoner
"He's so fit, he's a total Malik."
by dragonne February 08, 2010
A warm hearted man. Values his family over everything and will do anything for them. Loves sports! Is considered to have genius level Iq. Some look at him as cocky but thats just self confidence. Can be very open about how he feels or unemotional. Dedicated to a girl when he's with her. Doesn't fall easy. Only wants the best for the people he cares about and always strives for success.
Dang your ridiculous, you just did a malik!
by crazysmart December 01, 2011
1. An Arabic name that basicaly means 'King'.

2. Also the name of a character off of the anime/manga, Yugioh. But this characters name is also spelled Marik or Maliku.
I can't really think of an example of the word 'Malik'. Sorry.
by J. Waltz April 19, 2007
an arabic word meaining ruler or king... often a name or surname... in some cases often pronounced maleek in america usually
" Mr Malik your appointment is next"
" Sheikh Malik"
" yo do you know that kid X Malik, his name means he's the King!"

Often in the black american muslim society the name Malik is pronounced as Maleek.. for example in the american black comedy sitcoms..
by KingPin2 March 30, 2007
Honestly, Malik is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Contrary to previous definition, he is nothing like a bad Canadian haircut with a machine gun, though he is attractive and smart. Well versed in all area of world culture, he is an expert conversationalist. Engaging, respectful, intelligent and thoughtful, a chat with Malik can make you feel like you ARE somebody.
Girl: I love talking with Malik! He's such an amazing person, and our talks always make me feel GREAT!
by Ithadtobedone June 09, 2011
Is Afro-American.
Has a 8 inch penis.

Gets all of the white bitches.
White girl: Malik can I suck yo dick.

Malik: Well damn go ahead.
by Ugvgbjk December 18, 2013
An arabic word meaning Angel. It is commonly used as a name.
"Do you know Malik?"
"Yes his in my Gym Class."
by jakarta89 December 08, 2006
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