a) something that appears sweet on the outside, but is bitter to the core on the inside.
b) a manipulative person who pretends to be something they aren't; one with a dishonorable agenda.
c) one who plays victim in order to win opportunistic friendships.
d) a female character synonymous to Iago in Othello.
ie. you've become so transparent in your set-up, that i'm almost tempted to call you malia.

ie. i've heard from friends of friends of friends that you're actually very malia.
by plum11 August 25, 2011
the war god of hawaii
a hellbent little bitch ready to suck your life away to only ruin anothers
beware the malia
also the word substitute for fuck
malia destroyed my friendships
what a little malia
the revenge of malia
by regulator666 September 11, 2009
a less explicit explitive. For use in substitution for the word "fuck".
He will beat your face in like the malia you are; watch out for that stupid malia; he fell down the stairs like a malia.
by Thomas Cwiok August 06, 2003

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